We Love Football Academy (WLFA) is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa!

Our aim is to empower the youth of South Africa for a better life. We strive to develop quality players, have the knowledge and life skills to help them lead a healthy productive life and assist in enabling a positive impact in their communities.

We have been working closely with the same kids from the ages 6 -16 years for the last 5 years, experiencing the trials tribulations as well as the transformation. Football is as much their passion as it is ours.

Sport is an important tool in unifying people, and this is where we create and experience magical moments. We focus on morals and values and applying it on a daily basis but also give them experiences that is magical and would not have had an opportunity to experience within their reality. We aim to mould the youth into strong, self-efficient, driven young adults.

The vision of we love football academy is to guide the kids with hope & passion for a better future. Our aim is to develop their skill set and knowledge. Building opportunities on and off the field and teaching them life skills, looking after their health and creating a platform where they can take responsibility!

Christian Alder



was founded by professional soccer player, Christian Alder, in 2016.
Christian aims to use his charity organisation to offer the children, in and around his adopted home, Cape Town, security and get them off the streets. By means of soccer camps and daily training it is the focus of the academy to give the children and youth better awareness and at the same time to convey emphatic and social values and skills through sport in order to enable them a better future.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child has the right to be successful, physically, emotionally and mentally.

No matter where they come from, what their background is, how much money they have, what their gender is….

We believe that sport, especially football, offers the opportunity to develop socioeconomic values and skills to children and young people: from helpfulness and teamwork to acceptance and discipline.

We love football academy is synonymous to sufficient nutrition, improving lives, children’s rights, health, safety, security and inner success.

Our Team

Christian Alder

Founder & Coach



Kurt Lentjies


Jamie Murphy


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